Nina Pastuhov

Nina Pastuhov


Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

When it comes to saving for retirement, think outside the Bank!

Certainty in an Uncertain Market

Over the past few years, the stock and bond markets around the globe have been CRAZY! Up one day and down the next. And just when you think it's leveling out, it takes you on another gyrating (and nauseating) carnival ride.

And since there is so much uncertainty associated with the stock markets, and the fact that all indictators are pointing at a double dip recession, Baby Boomers are desperately seeking a safe place to put their retirement money.

They still remember how quickly their 401(k) got wiped out in the last crash a decade ago. And in today's hair trigger mindset, baby boomers are jumping at the chance to put their money in the safety of annuities and avoid that pain of losing their hard earned money.

There are an enormous amount of choices for you and this is where your consultant comes in, after learning more about your current financial picture and your vision of where you want to be in the future. Here are the high points of just a few of the products out there, and please note that the annuity market keeps getting better as conumers request more flexibility from the insurance carriers.

  1. A complete Return of Premium at anytime, no questions asked
  2. A minimum rate comparable or exceeding that of their MM or CD
  3. An option for a lifetime income
  4. Tax deferred savings growth
  5. Penalty-free distributions
  6. Payments to cover expenses associated with Long Term Care
  7. A tax free enhanced benefit to the beneficiaries
  8. Non-Med Underwriting - No Blood or Urine
  9. Indexed Linked Growth of the:
    1. Account Value (based on the performance of the indices selected)
    2. The Tax Free Benefit to Beneficiaries
    3. The Payments to cover Long Term Care

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